Somersun’s I Make These Blue Jeans Look Good

OFA Hips Prelim Excellent — OFA Elbows Prelim Normal — OFA Heart Echo’d Clear — Eyes ACVO
EIC Clear — HNPK Clear — PRA/PRA Golden Retriever 2 Clear — CNM Clear — CMS Clear — MCD Clear — RD Clear –SD2 Clear — Stargardt Clear
Dilute Clear — Long Coat Clear — Yellow carries Chocolate

We are very excited about our upcoming boy, JD.
He is happy and outgoing and has never met someone who is not a friend.
We should all enjoy life as much!

JD has been shown at a handful of specialties and supported entries and we are tickled with the results!

GGLRC Supported Entry, RWD, Susan Huntzinger, Riverlane

CCLRC, WD/BOW, Jerry Saldona, Zinfindel – 5 pt major!

CCLRC, RWD, Allison Rogers, Devonshire

CCLRC Supported Entry, RWD, Ron Kelly, Belgarin

SJVLRC, WD, JAM, Becci Hodge, Naiken – 4 pt major!

LRC of Potomac Best in Match, Raymond Attard, Lacote l Australia 

Co-owned with Stephanie Harris, Skyfire Labradors

CH Skyfire’s Monster CH Somersun Skyfire Six Shooter for Livewire RN Multi BISS GCH Nipntuck Stocking Stuffer BISS Hyspire Shahli Hotter Than Blazes
BISS CH Blackwater’s Nipntuck Cheerleader
Somersun Classie Chassie Skyfire’s Dangerous Company
Can CH Shamrock Acres Let It Snow II
Skyfire’s Trophy Wife BIS/BISS GCH Shalimar’s The Animator CH Nipntuck Hyspire Unforgettable
Shalimar Hyspire Biding My Time
Skyfire’s Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Trinity’s Titus
Skyfire’s Kodiak Bombshell
Somersun’s Angel In Blue Jeans CH Clearcreek Bonaventure Dust in the Wind CH HyspireMaritime Everything You Always Wanted  GCH CH Sure Shot Hyspire Impressive
CH Maritime Forecast Matilde
GCHB CH Clearcreek Bonaventure Windjammer JH CH Bonaventure’s Clipper
Clearcreek Bonaventure Aspens Run
Somersun Blackthorn Baby Has Her Bluejeans On CH Mtn Meadow Big Bang CH Blackwing Superfine
Mt Meadow What A Sight
CH  Somersun Blackthorn Temptress Tich CH Blackthorn’s King of the Beech
Somersun Classie Chassie